Paul Revere & His Engraving

I found this beautiful book several weeks ago at a book market. I knew some facts about Paul Revere and his connection to the American Revolution. But that he had worked as an engraver and had made multiple book illustrations? That was new to me.

The book Paul Revere & His Engraving was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons (New York) in 1901. Edition of only 135 copies on Van Gelder paper and 35 on extra quality imperial Japan paper. Octavo, 170pp.

Unfortunately, my copy is the ‘ordinary’ one, printed on Dutch paper. But it is signed by the author – William Loring Andrews!

He was a bibliophile and an author of many books about book collecting, book history, engravings, and other related subjects.

Paul Revere has learned his main trade from his father. He was a goldsmith and a silversmith. His silver shop was the center of his professional life for many decades. However, that wasn’t his only vocation. During the economic depression before the Revolution, Revere began his work as a copper plate engraver. He had produced multiple illustrations for books, magazines, business cards, political cartoons, bookplates, a songbook and even bills of fare for taverns.

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This book includes different materials related to Paul Revere, including his story and his engravings. I’ll share some of the pages of the book below.

Buried with Him by Baptism was one of the allegorical pieces Paul Revere made soon after starting to work as an engraver in 1765.

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