Recent Reviews of iBookBinding at Etsy

I do it rarely, preferring not to boast too much, but sometimes I just want to share all these positive reviews iBookBinding’s shop at Etsy gets!

I’m grateful to all the customers who leave a review. I know that due to how the review system works at Etsy, it sometimes takes some effort to do that =)

That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to all the other clients! My wife can confirm that I greet every new sale with a small dance!

By the way, during the three years of the operation of our Etsy shop (it’s a bit confusing, but it is called BonefolderClub) we had only one 4-star review. All other reviewers gave us full 5 stars!

Below you’ll find some of the reviews left by our clients this autumn:

This one is quite long, so it deserves to be placed separately =)

You will find our shop here:

Why is it called BonefolderClub, when we also have a shop with a name iBookBinding at Etsy?

The thing is, I created it even before I became the owner of in 2015. And I decided to check whether the previous owner had created an account for iBookBinding at Etsy only after I had some first sales and positive reviews.

I guess I should reach out to Etsy support to check whether it is possible to merge the two shops in one. But for now it is like it is =)