Recent Problems with Posting Schedule at

Hi everyone!

I had a really busy time these past weeks. As my day job is at school, I had to attend to several exams for 9th graders.

I also had three weeks in a row working without any days off with school business, workshops, making bookbinding tools and some stray jobs I had to attend to.

To add insult to injury, this past week I’ve spent working out some tax issues and other financial things.

I thought this week would mark my return to normal schedule. However, it didn’t help that Monday was a national holiday here in Russia (literally, Russia Day), and I’ve spent this long weekend doing almost nothing. It was really hard to make myself to work on Tuesday… and on Wednesday. Thursday I’ve spent at my workshop making some bookbinding tools. That’s something…

Anyway, I’m sure that next week I will follow my usual routine: 2-4 posts at the web site and lots of nice links at our Facebook page (hope you like that schedule).

If you have any ideas on how I should improve that editorial schedule, please share them in the comments below =)

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