Join in Helping a Library to Prevent Future Flooding

I have to put a small foreword here. On my free time I watch a lot of woodworking videos. There are bookbinding channels that I follow, of course. But they do not provide as much material. And I work with wood to make the tools I sell at my Etsy shop.

One of the channels I follow is DIY Tyler. In his recent video Tyler called for support of a GoFundMe campaign to help St. Dominic School library in Post Falls, Idaho that is receovering from flooding. Money are gathered to improve drainage system and prevent library from flooding in the future.

Here is a quote from their campaign page:

After twenty-five years of existence, St. Dominic School library flooded for the first time during the winter season melt.   The library was filled with several inches of water, and after hours of bailing and book hauling, the place is now in great need of restoration, both interiorly as well as exteriorly.

To prevent this from happening again, the drainage system needs to up-dated and restored along the outside of the building.  Drywall and some tiling will need to be replaced inside of the library.

While the students worked diligently to raise funds to cover the cost, we find ourselves still $35,000 short in completing this project.  Would you be able to help us restore and preserve our library?

St Dominic School is a non-profit school for girls nestled in the mountains, in Post Falls, Idaho. Education includes fine arts, multiple languages, light sports, philosophy, and various other subjects.


I’ve made a small contribution. Maybe you can also join in helping the library.

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