Star Wars Meets Bookbinding. Episode V

This a second collection of Star Wars-themed bookbinding-related stuff. Sort of. More like book-related stuff. However, I hope you like this post =)

1. Yoda Brass Tool

Found by Old English Bindery (Vacouver, Canada), this old brass tool really reminds Yoda!

2. Yoda Quoted on a Link-Stitch Binding

It is hard to write about Star Wars, and to shift the topic from Yoda to some other charachters easily. Here is another one Yoda-themed object — a link-stitch journal with a quote. Unfortunately, already sold.

3. Folded Book Art Patterns

Many of them available on Etsy (1), (2), (3), (4)

4. Coptic Binding and the Death Star

I just really like that tiny Death Star by Angela-Song-Art! =)


5. Recycled VHS Notebooks

I don’t like the implementation, but the idea is nice. More available at the Stalking Marla Esty shop.

6. A Bit of Book History

Medieval Star Wars from collections of the British Library (yes, there is Yoda once again!)

Find many more images and comments in the original post here:

7. Not Bookbinding Stuff at All — Paper Snowflakes!

Download patterns here:

Or buy snowflake window cling decals here:

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