Star Wars Meets Bookbinding. Episode IV

I’ve spent some time searching for examples of bookbinding inspired by Star Wars. Unfortunately, it looks like there are no fine bindings in a galaxy far, far away. However, there are really nice books made by hobbyists.

1. Chewbacca Diary

Let’s start with a tutorial, which is pure fun. Here you can find how to make your own Chewbacca diary. The text is in Spanish, but it is not a problem with modern web browsers and the photos are self-explanatory.

2. Simple and nice

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away journal by Icey Designs.

3. Star Wars-Themed Leather Covers

Kate Sullivan at LateName Kreations offers several Star Wars-themed leather covers for journals. I would really love to see these designs on a French binding!

4. Choose Your Side!

Just a few stitches on the cover. Are you a Rebel or a trustworthy Imperial citizen? Design by Freakish Lemon.

5. Laser-Engraved Wooden Covers

Wood & Root has a large collection of journals with engraved wooden covers.

6. Moleskine 2016 Star Wars Collection

If you are looking for something mass produced, here is the Moleskine 2016 Star Wars collection =)

7. Notebooking Pages

Finally, if you want to make your own Star Wars-themed journal, here are the free notebooking pages by Homeschool Encouragement.

2015.12.16 - Star Wars Meets Bookbinding 36 Star Wars Days Printable

Bonus: Gold Leafing Padmé Amidala Print

As a bonus please check this video of a famous Star Wars poster artist Terese Nielsen gold leafing her Padmé Amidala print. If you have ever made Star Wars-themed bindings, please share the links in the comments section below.

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