Bookish Talk #3 – Looking for Bargains on Book Markets

Is it wrong to buy a book at a low price when you know its real (high) value? How do the street book sales in Bucharest and Sofia look like? What’s special about the book market in the Hague? These are some of the things we discuss in this episode of the Bookish Talk!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:10 – Searching for a bargain on a book market / Checking prices online
01:47 – The book market in the Hague is one of the cheapest in Europe
03:02 – Good prices on books in foreign and obscure languages
05:17 – Book market in the Hague as a source for books in different languages
06:48 – Isn’t it bad to buy a book for cheap when you know its real value?
08:21 – Where booksellers get their books from? previous owners of the books/collections
10:09 – Some ideas for future talks
10:39 – Books by Nicholas A. Basbanes
11:29 – There’s no one true way to build your collection
12:03 – One of the special parts of Stepan’s collection are the books that tell stories about their previous owners
12:52 – Street booksellers of Bucharest and Sofia
14:52 – Neighbourhood book clubs of sorts built around these sellers
17:18 – Pavel’s experience with book markets
18:33 – Why antique books are so expensive in Russia?
19:13 – Pavel talks about book markets in Spain

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