iBB Podcast #9.2 – Stepan Chizhov – 3d-Printing, How iBookBinding Works, and Workshop Tour

The second part of the episode with Stepan Chizhov acting as a guest is dedicated to more technical aspects of how iBookBinding works. We talk some nerdy stuff about 3d-printing in general and about making money with 3d-printing. You will also find a workshop tour here!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:19 – Making money with 3d-printing. Routine and time consumed on production
02:25 – Time spent packing the orders
03:57 – Increasing production efficiency with better/more expensive equipment. “Cheap” 3d-printers
05:47 – I want to try 3d-printing; where to begin?
08:08 – The models of 3d-printers I like the most (to date)
09:50 – Difference between the cheaper and more expensive printers
11:43 – Printing large objects
14:50 – Competition on the market of 3d-printed bookbinding tools / 3d-printed papermaking molds
17:33 – Improving the designs and following the requests of customers
19:47 – Examples of incremental improvements
24:32 – Book scanning frame for smartphones – show & tell
29:31 – 3d-printing workshop tour
30:59 – Some of the 3d-printers
32:45 – My first 3d-printer
33:24 – The largest printer I have – Creality CR-10 S4
34:19 – 37×37 cm papermaking mold / Printing large items in parts
35:17 – Calculations and 3d-designs that need relly powerful processors
39:51 – Workbench with woodworking and bookbinding tools
43:54 – My way of storing clamps
44:53 – Some of the weights I use for my projects
46:11 – I love buying things for storage and tools in thrift stores and on flea markets
46:48 – Book presses and sewing frames / Woodworking projects
48:10 – Cutting time-consuming processes / Troubles with stock and delivery because of the lockdowns
49:30 – Keeping work/life balance as a freelancer

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