Bookish Talk #2 – Buying Books on Book Markets / Moscow and The Hague

This is the beginning of several talks we dedicated to antique book markets in different European countries and cities. We start with some book markets in Moscow and the Netherlands (mainly the market in The Hague).

What’s your experience with book markets? What else you’d like us to talk about?



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00:00 – Beginning
01:25 – My personal preference: book market in The Hague
01:50 – Different book markets of Moscow
03:09 – Antique book markets in Moscow
05:00 – Books on Moscow’s flea markets
05:43 – Unauthorized street sellers
06:32 – A seller next to the Red Square we remember since our childhood
07:34 – What makes an antique book market the best book market? My experience with the market in The Hague
09:43 – A bit about the history and organization of the book market in The Hague
10:33 – Book markets are much smaller these days (with photos)
13:57 – Are people buying books to read or for collections?
15:42 – Who’s the main audience of the book markets and what about tourists?
17:37 – Go online and buy some used books! Support the sellers!

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