iBB Podcast #9.1 – Stepan Chizhov – Origins, Studying at AAB, and Making & Selling Tools to Bookbinders

This time Pavel decided to snatch the role of the main host and made me the guest of iBookBinding’s podcast. We talk about how my interest in books and bookbinding began, study at the American Academy of Bookbinding, and the process of making and selling tools for bookbinders.

The second part of the episode will feature the workshop tour and more!

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00:00 – Introduction to the second season of the podcast
01:00 – A word about the second podcast we started – Bookish Talk
01:53 – Beginning of episode #9 – Pavel is the main host now!
02:11 – The start of Stepan’s bookbinding career
06:21 – The first bookbinding tutorial I ever used
07:00 – Interest in books as objects
10:19 – Making money from bookbinding
12:08 – Fast-paced bookmaking
14:15 – Beginning to learn the craft with rebacking vs full immersion with sewing signatures, etc.
18:53 – Studying at the American Academy of Bookbinding
26:56 – Some of Stepan’s projects
30:58 – Implementing unusual materials in your bindings – including electronics!
32:20 – Following traditions vs experimentation
36:12 – Tools and toolmaking
43:11 – 3d-printing
45:13 – Busy time during the lockdown – lots of work, lots of pressure, and some delays

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