Creating a Recycled ‘Paper Wave’

I’m proud to be friends with the guy in the video below. He’s the executive director of SOEMZ, an experimental factory in the Moscow region that produces different stuff with the molded fiber material (recycled paper.)

He and his colleagues are doing an impressive job. In a country where less than 10% of waste is recycled, they are pushing their innovative ideas to multiple customers. And they are recognized in countries far from Russia as well. They have partners in Hungary, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, and USA.

I wanted to write about Dmitry Gutman and SOEMZ since long time ago, but here is a good chance. In this video, they show a new product they called Paper Wave. Who doesn’t like bubble wrappers? The idea is similar, although you cannot pop the Paper Wave (what a pity!)

Here is a video about cardboard corners used for shipping produced by IKEA. They tell about their partnership with SOEMZ there and show some of the processes. It’s in Russian, but some of the things are quite obvious.

Next time I should talk more with Dmitry about how the production of recycled paper material works.

Have you ever tried making something with recycled paper? I mean, besides recycled paper?

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