iBB Podcast #11.1 – Brenda Gallagher – Graphic Design & Bookbinding / Study at the AAB & Teaching

I first met Brenda at the American Academy of Bookbinding in 2015. At that moment, she already had some 20 years of experience in bookbinding. If you add a strong background in graphic design, it’s not hard to imagine that the result can be pretty impressive. And Brenda’s work lives up to the promise and even exceeds it!

Check the timestamps below, and stay tuned for the second part of this episode. There Brenda shows her bindings and invites us to see her printing studio.



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00:00 – Beginning
01:14 – Brenda’s approach to bookbinding
02:49 – Dealing with virtual work vs. making real objects
03:46 – From the first bookbinding class to study at the American Academy of Bookbinding
07:57 – Other schools in the US that offer education in bookbinding
10:45 – Telluride is beautiful, but it’s not very easy to get there!
13:55 – What is a beautiful book?
18:05 – On creation, protection, and destruction
22:09 – Being a bookbinding teacher
26:11 – Miracle of making a book from scratch
28:07 – Volunteering at the American Academy of Bookbinding
30:50 – Open-Set traveling exhibition

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