Cryptic History of Some Objects from My Collection – Bookish Talk #5

We discuss two objects from my collection. This book and… something else. Both of them have something in common: after I got them, I searched the internet and found them being sold on auctions in the previous years. And, yes, I’m 99% sure these are the same objects I have now.

Why am I so sure? What was their story? Should one use online price on old books as a benchmark? We answer all of these questions and more in this episode of the Bookish Talk!

I have already posted some other illustrations from the book — the special issue of the magazine The Illuminators’ Magazine from 1862. It’s a beautiful and informative edition that includes 29 amazing plates (chromolithographs).

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00:00 – Beginning
00:56 – Introducing the objects we are going to discuss today
01:57 – Auction’s page for the first object
02:25 – The Illuminator. Containing all the parts of The Illuminators Magazine (1862)
03:11 – A sidenote on facsimile reproductions
04:00 – Why am I sure that’s the same book I got from a bookseller in the Hague?
05:14 – The difference between the estimate, the final selling price, and the price I got the book at the book market
05:49 – Should one use online price on old books as a benchmark?
08:06 – Moving to the second object
08:42 – Cliches of a series of newspaper comic strips by Loek van Delden
12:07 – Finding stories about vintage objects and their previous owners
12:48 – Should I do anything with these cliches? And a bit about copyright.

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