iBB Podcast #11.2 – Brenda Gallagher – Bindings’ Show & Tell and Workshop Tour

This is the second part of our talk with Brenda Gallagher, a graphic designer and bookbinder from Boulder, Colorado. In this video, she shows some of her bindings and invites us to see her bookbinding workshop and printing studio.



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Read more about lacunose: https://www.ibookbinding.com/tutorials/lacunose-painting-with-leather-and-making-clouds/
Fish skin leather supplier in the US: https://www.fiskurleather.com/
Atlantic Wolffish photo credit: http://fisheries.noaa.gov/species/atlantic-wolffish
Jeff Osgood, Brenda’s husband on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clay.of.the.dead/

00:00 – Beginning
00:32 – Workshop tour
00:46 – Bookbinder’s plough
01:14 – Storage of materials
02:27 – Stuff on the workbench
02:43 – Bindings show & tell
02:48 – Uppercase Encyclopedia
08:08 – Song of Myself (Walt Whitman) illustrated by Allen Crawford
10:45 – Happy Abstract — A letter from William Blake to Thomas Butts, dated 11 September 1801
17:41 – A notebook with lacunose elements on the cover
20:19 – A word about book boxes
21:27 – The Girl from the Sea: A Play for Voices by George Mackay Brown and Michael Onken
24:38 – Discussion of the fish skin leather
29:29 – Homework binding for the American Academy of Bookbinding – graphite edge and edge painting
32:41 – Brenda’s workbook with preliminary design tests and experiments
33:05 – Using computer software for designing bindings
34:38 – Bread bag tie binding
37:30 – Printing workshop tour
37:35 – Printing block with the engraved picture by Allen Crawford for the Song of Myself
38:13 – Backing press
38:42 – Guillotine
38:48 – Chandler & Price 8×10 printing press
40:07 – Brenda’s family and her bookbinding

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