iBB Podcast #3.2 – Eliane Gomes / Nautilus Boekbinderij. Leasure, Study, Work-Life Balance, and Q&A

The second part of this episode is mostly dedicated to the Q&A. However, we dedicate some time to discussing leisure, work-life balance, and keeping up-to-date with current restoration and conservation trends.

See the timestamps below if you want to skip to some particular part of our talk.

Our next guest is Katy Savelyeva, a marbler from Saint Petersburg, Russia. We plan to discuss some basics of marbling, and Katy will show some marbling with her shapeshift country house marbling setup. If you have any questions about marbling, that’s your chance to address them to a professional!



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Moving On from the Workshop Tour

03:14 – Importance of staying up-to-date and continuing your education
05:54 – There no better time to learn something than now!
17:01 – Extra time is for extraordinary things


19:30 – Sotheby’s offering a full collection of ВС comics from 1934 to 2014
20:18 – Collecting ephemera vs collecting books
21:14 – Value and fragility of old comic books
22:15 – The craft is connected to the trade. The balance between the price of materials and the price of work. Dr. Nicholas Pickwoad – Language of Bookbinding course
23:32 – Paper clinic in NL, Marchelma van Breugel: snipper.eu/


27:45 – Question from paperetceteras: Working with glues and paper, is it tricky?
30:36 – Using dry or liquified glues and paste depending on materials and other conditions

33:24 – Question from Elin Dalstål: What is the most unusual/unexpected material or tool you like to use for bookbinding or book restoration?
33:38 – Using the airbrush for book restoration projects
34:25 – Tacking iron
34:36 – Using all sorts of unusual leathers
37:31 – Experimenting with different materials in bookbinding: metal, plastic, wood, etc.
38:03 – Gluing and attaching translucent plastic materials to book covers
40:07 – Sharing experience with other bookbinders and book professionals

42:14 – Question from Lynne: What exactly is a waste sheet used for in binding, either in a new book or a repair?
46:31 – Unfinished projects

47:30 – Question from Vinícius Rennó: How can I study book restoration coming from Brazil? If not here, where is the most affordable place to study abroad?
51:32 – The difference between a book restorer and conservator

53:16 – Question from Peter Triska: A question is about headbands. How do you get the ends to hide, so you don’t see them when you open a book?
55:04 – Perfection in bookbinding is relatively new

55:47 – Question from Janet Mente: What is the most satisfying part of your job as a binder/restorer?

57:46 – Question from Janet Mente: How do you or would you use the 3D-Printed Spine Rounding Tool?

1:02:33 – Question from Tzvi J. Liberman: What methods are used for restoring the physical page of a book if a piece is missing? Is there any way to mix up the new matching paper pulp and fill in the gaps?
1:03:18 – “Cutting” Japanese paper with a watercolor pencil
1:06:11 – Using a paper casting machine and working without it

1:05:51 – Question from Tzvi J. Liberman: How do you prevent the endpaper wrinkling when gluing in the text block?
The books I have bound all end up with a crease in the endpaper on the cover side, usually near the fold?

Additional Links and Mentions

Restauratoren Nederland: https://www.restauratoren.nl/
Conservation: Together at Home Webinar Series:
Guild of Book Workers:
Dr. Nicholas Pickwoad – Language of Bookbinding by Ligatus:
Paper clinic in NL, Marchelma van Breugel:
Benjamin Elbel:
http://elbel-libro.com https://bookbindingoutofthebox.com
Toon Van Camp:
BEVA 371 film
ABC for Book-Collectors by John Carter
Daniel E. Kelm:
Rita Udina:
Wilma van Driel and Bert Rigters / Boekbinderij Papyrus:

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