Customer-Driven Innovation at iBookBinding

Here are two examples of customer-driven innovation that happens at iBookBinding. Tools that are assembled like a puzzle aren’t something new for us. This happens because our printers aren’t large enough. But this time we went even further.

Besides fitting larger objects to the printing volume of our printers, making some tools in parts allows to send them in smaller packages and save on shipping. In turn, it allows keeping prices lower for some items, including longer versions of punching cradles.

Originally, it was supposed that the customer glues the parts together and uses a cradle in once piece from that moment on. But then we’ve got a new request.

Several weeks ago, we got a query from a customer who wanted the tools to be more portable. To easier move them between home and studio.

And here is the solution. From now on, all “puzzle” tools will be printed with threading for screws. This way, you can either decided to glue the part together or keep them in assemble/disassemble mode.

Rounding tools in our shop:

Punching cradles in our shop:

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