iBB Podcast #5.1 – Katy Savelyeva @KatyEbru. Becoming a Marbler / Marbling Demonstration

For the fifth episode of our podcast we invited a marbler from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Katy Ebru talks with us about her path to becoming a marbler and shows several marbling patterns right during the recording!

See the timestamps below if you want to skip to some particular part of our talk.

Our next guest is Ingeir Djuvik, an award-winning hobbyist bookbinder from Norway. You can ask him questions in the comments below!



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Table of Contents

01:09 – Katy’s path to paper marbling
02:31 – Ebru vs marbling
03:43 – Ebru courses at the Turkish Cultural Center in Saint Petersburg
06:58 – Transitioning from being a hobbyist marbler to being a professional

Marbling Demonstration

08:43 – Stone marbling
15:21 – Chevron marbling and its variations
18:53 – Using a comb
22:31 – Better ways to remove the sheets of marbled paper from a basin
23:44 – Drying marbled paper
24:36 – Spanish wave pattern
25:25 – How long it takes to make a sheet of marbled paper on average?
30:30 – Ebru tulip
31:18 – On concentration of pigments
35:45 – The oldest marbling patterns
37:31 – Aesthetics of stone marbling
39:18 – Ebru rose
46:37 – Natural pigments

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