Workshop Tour / Making Your Own Tools / And More – Jordan Jay Tanner [iBB Podcast #24.2]

We return to Jordan Jay Tanner, a bookbinder and book conservator from Kansas City, MO, to talk more about bookbinding, book conservation, collecting books about books, and other things. In this video, Jay takes us for a tour of his garage studio and discusses some making his own tools for bookbinding.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:14 – Jay’s bookbinding experience and learning calligraphy
04:20 – Tour around Jay’s garage studio
10:55 – Various conservator’s equipment: curved scissors, lifting knives, needles, etc.
18:50 – Tips and tricks you get to know with experience and learning from an expert personally
20:53 – Making own tools
21:34 – Finishing Master’s degree. Taking chemistry lab classes online and offline
24:41 – Interesting time we live in
29:07 – Book’s disinfection, harm from ultraviolet light, and the influence of a camera flash
31:00 – Fighting mold on books, humidity conditions
33:50 – Bookbinders and conservators from whom Jay wants to learn in the future. New and modern techniques in bookbinding
40:32 – Online vs offline bookbinding courses and lessons
44:10 – Books made by Jay
47:35 – Box with models of corners
49:32 – “The painter’s house is never painted” – making books for personal use

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