Street Typography of Belgium / Signs & Numbers – Armina Ghazaryan [Bookish Talk #23]

Today our bookish guest is Armina Ghazaryan, a freelance graphic designer interested in typography and branding. Currently, Armina lives in Ghent, and that’s where most of the examples of the street typography discussed in this video come from. We approached Armina because of her longstanding series of posts on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares her amazing findings.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:08 – Introduction of Armina Ghazaryan
01:20 – Street Typography Series: Inception
03:39 – Life of typography in cities: preservation, the reaction of people
05:19 – Photos of lettering and examples of typography in the city of Ghent
10:06 – Different ways to depict the digraph of the letters i and j in Dutch and Flemish languages
14:40 – Amsterdamse Krulletter (Amsterdam´s curly letter) in Ghent, Belgium
16:36 – Preserving and restoring old advertising signs and public lettering nowadays
20:37 – More photos of public lettering
27:00 – French, Dutch, and German influence on the Russian language
30:05 – More lettering photos
36:50 – Upside-down lettering, mistakes in the orientation of “S” and “N”
42:11 – Examples of unusual numbers in Ghent
44:58 – Postbox signs in the Netherlands
47:20 – Welcome to the city of Ghent: book markets, museums, and other events

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