Representing Human-Skin Bindings in Design Bookbinding [iBB Live #9]

This time we do not have a main theme for our live stream. However, we have several smaller themes each one of which is equally interesting in our opinion.

Firstly, expanding slipcase competition held by the Bookbinding out of the box project is soon to publish the final results. But you still have some time to vote for the best entry!

Next, there’s a virtual exhibition of design bindings of Megan Rosenbloom’s, Dark Archives: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin. And we are going to show you and discuss these bindings!

Then, the new Dune movie is finally released in the US and there are some bookish objects there, if there’s time, we’d like to discuss them with you!

There are some other things to talk about. Pavel visited several exhibitions, and Stepan has some interesting bookish objects to show. We’ll see what we can fit into 90 minutes =)

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