Weapon of Mass Instruction!

Artist Raul Lemesoff has taken to the road in his latest creations “Arma de Instruccion Masiva” (Weapon of mass instruction) to help spread information and knowledge in the battle of ignorance.

Raul’s amazing tank like vehicle is in fact a converted 1979 Ford Falcon, complete with it’s own swivelling turret, space to accommodate 900 books and even a non-functional gun.

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“the importance of this weapon of mass instruction must be considered on a global scale. We live in a world in which men don’t think anymore. They don’t use their imagination anymore because it’s much easier to switch on the television and forget what’s happening in the real world.” – France 24

You can see the video created by 7Up in celebration of world book day on the 5th March which shows Raul driving (with great care and diligence) through the streets of Buenos Aires delivering his message.

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