£42.5k – £350,000 – The most expensive books in Britain are being put up for sale!

Got a few hundred thousand pounds to spare and fancy a good read? Well then perhaps you’ll be interested to know that a selection of a few ultra-rare, first-edition, books are being put up for sale by UK rare book seller, Peter Harrington. Note that the cost of these books (unlike the article image featured image) are by no means small!


Grab yourself a bargain and pick up Thomas More’s Utopia for £350,000 or if you’re looking for something a little cheaper then you can buy a first edition of James Joyce, Ulysses for £250,000 (one of only 100 copies ever printed on handmade dutch linen paper and signed by James Joyce, the current owner, Annie Winifred Ellerman, was a friend of James Joyce).

What makes these books so rare and expensive? Find out on this article posted on the Telegraph.co.uk.

With prices like these I think that these will in fact be some, if not the, most expensive books currently on sale in the UK today. To pick up your copy, please visit his stores in London’s Dover Street, in Mayfair, and Fulham Road.

Other books in the collection for sale include a first edition of ‘Rumour at Nightfall’ by Graham Greene, which retails at £45,000, a first edition Winner Take Nothing, by Ernest Hemingway (£42,500), and the first volume of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital for (£77,500). There’s even a rare copy of William Shakespeare, Comedies, Histories and Tragedies which has a tag of £325,000.

Codex Leicester
Codex Leicester

But in the rare-book world, these are still relatively cheap! According to this Wikipedia article, the most expensive book ever sold was for $30.8 million! What was it? It was Leonardo da Vinci’s, Codex Leicester, which is the one and only copy. It was sold to BILL GATES in 1994.

Some other valuable books which have been sold for extortionate amounts include:

Forbes.com recently published The World’s 10 Most Expensive Books Ever Sold, which is a good read!

There’s also the most expensive book currently being sold on Amazon.com… the topic: Plastic Surgery, price tag: $9,999!


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