YOUR Advice is Needed!

Almost a year and a half passed since I’ve started working on iBookBinding. I hope that most of you like how the web site looks like and what is posted here.

I have lots of ideas on how to further develop iBookBinding. However, as it often happens, there are two major things that delay the process: money and time. And often they are very closely related.

Initially, my main goal was to run regular posting schedule. Now time comes to go for another goal: I’m trying to kick start posting YouTube videos regularly. At the moment it seems to me even harder than making myself to write several posts per week. However, I think that it only needs to become a habit. And then it would be easier. I don’t think it would be realistic to plan for weekly videos any time soon, but that’s one of my long term goals.

That’s exactly why I need your advice and opinion.

Recently I’ve started a support campaign for iBookBInding at Patreon. That’s a platform that allows makers and creative people to receive financial support from their readers and viewers. In my case pledges are charged on monthly basis. That’s something different from Kickstarter, where you only pay once and then receive your reward some time later. Patreon was created to provide lasting support to projects.

However, with a smallest pledge with only a $1 per month, regular payments shouldn’t be a huge liability for most of iBookBInding readers.

The thing is creators usually offer different tiers of rewards. For example, if you pay $1 per month, you only get access to a patron-only feed. If you are very generous and decide to pay a project $50 every month, you may receive some special bonuses and/or material things (gifts, tools, stickers, something else).

I’d like you to help me decide what these rewards should be.

Traditionally, at some lower levels of pledges ($3-10 per month) projects financed at Patreon offer patron to weigh in on subjects of future posts and videos. To influence editorial policy a bit.

Higher levels of support often give access to some special Q&A sessions and members-only Google Hangouts sessions.

I could also offer some of the bookbinding tools I’m making for my Bonefolder.Club project as a reward for some even higher pledges ($20-30 per month and higher).

Everything said above doesn’t mean that if I wouldn’t get $1000 financing at Patreon right away, I would stop developing iBookBinding. However, getting that support would really boost the process and allow me to dedicate more and more time writing about bookbinding, posting interviews with interesting people, shooting videos, etc. I hope at some moment it would be possible for me to invite more authors, translators (Portuguese and Spanish versions of the web site are first in line), and a proofreader/copy editor (I know that I need someone to check what’s posted at iBookBinding).

Please comment and share that post — maybe some of your friends would also have something to say.

If you are ready to make a $1 pledge right away, you can do it here:

And thanks a lot for being with iBookBinding. It means a lot!


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