Century-Old Russian Magazine ‘Printing Art’ (“Печатное искусство”) – January 1902

From time to time, iBookBinding shares links or posts things that are written not in English but some other languages. Sometimes we advise using an automatic translation. In other cases, the visual component is interesting enough. Here is an example of the latter.

Printing Art Magazine (“Печатное искусство”) was published for two years in a row in the times of Imperial Russia. The first issue was presented in the autumn of 1901, and the last one is dated September 1903.

I.I. Leman, the publisher of the magazine, printed articles related to the Russian printing industry and its current state, statistics, and history. As well as translations of European and American texts and reports from international events. You will find news and announcements from the sessions of relevant organizations and societies as well. Ads section will offer you insights on the level of technology and available workforce.

Letters to the Editor section is what primarily makes me smile. Both the style of the messages and matters discussed there.

I’ve noticed a convolute binding that included all issues of 1902 in a vintage books store more than two months ago. But the asked price was a bit over my usual budget. However, when I saw it for the second time a month later, I decided I cannot miss having this beautiful thing in my collection. By the way, the price of a collection that includes all of the issues was estimated at about 550 euro by one of the auction houses. I’ve got my part for less than a hundred. Sounds like a bargain!

Softcover, 1902, 54pp.; illustrations. Issue 4 of the first year of publication.

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