Steel and Brass Versions of the Corner Cutting Jig by iBookBinding

Like our corner cutting jigs? Well, what’s not to like—we make them in multiple sizes allowing you to adapt to almost any cardboard you may use for your book’s covers. Now we offer you a metal version of the same tool!

One of the significant benefits of plastic 3d-printed tools is their relatively low price. However, when you have to use them as a guide for cutting, there always is a risk of cutting through the tool. The new metal version of our jig solves that problem!

Another thing I love about the metal corner cutting jig is that it is almost ten times heavier than the plastic version. While the 2 mm plastic tool weighs approximately 3 grams, its steel counterpart is almost 30 grams. It feels like a proper tool in your hand!

I don’t want to diminish the qualities of the plastic tools, and I plan on continuing using them. But I love the metal version!

We offer several versions with standard and thin walls. Steel and brass jigs with thin walls are considerably cheaper, as they have the base thickness and the wall thickness of only 1 mm. However, the distance from the top point of the inner corner to the outer side of the wall is as designated by the size you have chosen.

As with the plastic jigs, the metal version is offered in packages of three and four tools as well, with a significant discount.

Please find our new metal corner cutting jigs at our Etsy store. To see all version of our jigs, please use this link.

By the way, these metal jigs are eligible for free worldwide shipping!

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