Conservators! Please Consider Filling This Questionnaire on the Use of Social Media and Online Resources

Paola Fagnola and Gloria Conti are researching the use of digital communication in the field of book and paper conservation. We would much appreciate it if you help them by filling out a questionnaire they prepared. Below you’ll find an invitation letter from Paola Fagnola.

Dear all,

Gloria Conti and I would like to invite all colleagues working in the field of book and paper conservation around the globe to respond to this questionnaire about the use of online resources and social media.

The data collected will be used to inform a paper that will be presented at the next XV IADA Congress in October 2023. The paper will illustrate the fundamentals and main purposes of digital communication in our field, investigating the possibilities and the potential risks offered by social media as tools for public engagement, awareness-raising, and advocacy in our sector.

We will also touch on issues such as what voices make the international narrative around conservation and the effects of cultural and linguistic barriers on communicating the field of book and paper conservation.

We are keen to reach as far as possible and include as many geographical areas, languages, backgrounds, and professional environments as we can. We would also like to hear from those who cannot or do not want to use social media and collect their views.

Please feel free to share this link as you think appropriate

All data collected is completely anonymous.

With many thanks,

Paola Fagnola

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