Book Arts and Bookbinding Tradition of Eritrea with Zeenat Azmi [iBB Podcast #30]

This time we invited bookbinder Zeenat Azmi to discuss the state of bookbinding in Eritrea (and not only!) We covered topics from traditional bookbinding styles of the region and the use of papyrus to the influence of Islam and Christianity in Eritrea.


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0:00:00 – Beginning
0:01:34 – A bookbinder in Eritrea
0:02:34 – The Pavoni mission in Eritrea
0:05:09 – Zeenat’s background in crafts
0:08:03 – A miniature girdle book
0:10:16 – Making your own parchment
0:14:48 – The use of parchment in Eritrea
0:17:53 – The early use of paper in the Islamic book tradition
0:20:26 – Wearable books in Eritrea
0:22:16 – Tigrinya/Geez calligraphy
0:26:17 – Eritrean Arabic
0:28:49 – European bookbinding tradition brought to Eritrea
0:31:49 – Yemenite bookbinding tradition
0:34:22 – Repairing books and other old things
0:37:48 – The issue with the history and provenance of objects
0:44:04 – Sourcing local leather
0:51:35 – Using leather that was made decades ago
0:53:37 – Current state of leather production in Eritrea
0:55:05 – Experimenting with papyrus
0:57:32 – Palm leaf books
0:59:38 – Future projects and ideas
1:06:15 – Selling books locally
1:14:11 – Using the equipment that’s available to you
1:22:55 – Providing tools for the graduates of the bookbinding school

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