Medieval Bookbinding Tutorials

One of the things I’d like to add to my bookbinding schedule is a course on the Medieval bookbinding styles: Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, etc. Even girdle books, I suppose.

I’ve seen a couple of online tutorials on the subject. Can you help me to find more resources?

Models from the Traveling Scriptorium website. They also have a nice PDF booklet.

Of course, my first source of information would be The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding by J.A. Szirmai. For the girdle books, there is Medieval on the Go: The Girdle Book by Karen Hanmer. There also is an instruction sheet on her website.

Is there something else available on the web? More step-by-step and tutorial-like? YouTube videos? Your favorite books on the subject? Online courses and webinars? Paid or free — that doesn’t really matter =)

Thanks for your help!

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Some more illustrations on girdle books: