Simple Sewing Frame for Bookbinders Version 2.0 at My Etsy Store

I’ve been selling this simple sewing frame for almost two years now. Initially it was even simpler. I wanted to have a cheap and fast in production sewing frame to give to my students at Bookbinding 101 class. Production cost for the version 0.1 was $15-20.

Here are the sewing frames I’ve made for my first class ever (two years ago):

Over the months, I have changed some small things. Later, when I’ve got myself a router, a slot between the bolts was added as a permanent feature.

Slots made with a drill and/or a jigsaw:

Pretty rough edges, eh?

And here are two slots in sewing frames made with a router:

For my Etsy shop I’ve decided to add a wooden (or plywood) bar in addition to the steel bar I have used for my very first sewing frames.

Here is an older version of a sewing frame used by one of my students:


And the newer versions (with slots and stuff) at my French binding workshop:

Steel bar may be good if you use fixed stations (standing 5 cm apart from each other). Wooden plank was easier to use with a slot and keys. Or shims, nails, and what ever you want to use to tie threads below the surface of the dewing frame.

Now I have upgraded this sewing frame again, adding a slot not only to the base of the frame, but to the upper bar. However, I wouldn’t add screws/hooks for tying threads to the bar — I’m leaving that to my customers. These screws are easily found in almost any hardware store. At the same moment, structural reliability of the bar remains the same and you can tie the threads as before without any problems. Oh, I’ve also added these felt pads on the bottom surface of the sewing frame =)


Soon I plan to add a new sewing frame to my store, with a hardwood bar and, finally, the screws to mount on the bar.

I would be glad to see any advice on how to further improve this sewing frame in the comments section below =)

And don’t forget to check the frame at my Etsy store! =)

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