Stone Paper, a Promising Alternative

Jurriaan Kamp, a journalist, created a magazine focused on solutions for the ongoing climate crisis. “We were always looking for what went wrong, and at some point, I decided, ‘How we can make it right?”

This search for answers rather than just highlighting more problems led him to create his own magazine called “Kamp Solutions,” and his first port-of-call was with Stone Paper. It’s a type of paper made of plant-based plastics and stone waste. The smooth texture of the product is also water-resistant.

Originally developed in the late 1990s, Stone Paper uses no trees, creates no water pollution, and does not release harmful gaseous waste into the atmosphere. Since the paper is mineral-based, it can be continuously recycled, according to Kamp.

Mineral based substrate production techniques used for Stone Paper® products differ from traditional nonrenewable processes through the exclusive use of blend of mineral powder and a small infusion of a non-toxic resin. As a result our mineral substrate production process uses no trees, creates no water pollution, and lives without any harmful gaseous waste. Alternative mineral paper-like material is among the substrate’s many forms of alternative products. – The Stone Paper website.

Source: Could paper made from stone replace paper made from trees?

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