Bookbinder’s Year in Lockdown – Todd Davis – Bookish Talk #16

A bit more than a year ago, we recorded our second podcast video, and our guest was Todd Davis, a bookbinder from Boston, MA. We returned to Todd a year later to discuss how was it to survive the first lockdown and what new projects this past year have brought to him.

This video is a bit longer than our average Bookish Talk. Still, we decided not to move it to our main podcast, as besides talking bookbinding, we discussed some other topics like public transit or the reliability of mail services. The last, however, may be important to some of our colleagues =)



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00:00 – Beginning
01:44 – How it was a year ago, during the first Covid lockdown?
05:22 – Explosion in the number of orders after the first lockdown – Bibles and cookbooks
08:39 – Availability of supplies during the lockdowns – problems with shipping
12:33 – Does all that affect the orders? Do people bring them to the bindery or send them by mail?
18:02 – Wear of old books and their longevity after the repair
20:53 – Changes to book production and binderies of the precious centuries
27:55 – New types of orders that started to come after the first lockdown
29:47 – Is hiring an assistant an option?
30:57 – Vaccination and teaching classes again
33:40 – Book fairs and other events
37:30 – Paying rent during the lockdowns
40:42 – Tuning the work/life balance

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