iBB Podcast #21.2 – Lucía Farías Villarreal – Show & Tell / Workshop Tour

We return to Lucía Farías Villarreal to discuss different bookbinding styles and watch her show us some of her bindings. At the end of this podcast, Lucía takes us for a brief tour of her workshop. Please check the timestamps below to see all the styles of bindings Lucía showed us.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:21 – Making fish skin leather and experimenting with other crafts during Covid
09:08 – Islamic bookbinding
14:23 – Vellum-covered book
15:38 – Examples of articulated bindings
20:29 – Homework for the American Academy of Bookbinding
23:13 – Hugo Peller’s Pop-Up Box
24:41 – Scrolls and other historical objects made during Julia Miller’s class at the AAB
29:41 – Making book boxes
33:22 – Bookbinding tutorials in Spanish
37:17 – Spanish-speaking bookbinders from all over the world
41:58 – A brief workshop tour

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