BASE – An Exhibition Space for a Single Book – Mark Cockram [Bookish Talk #17]

Earlier this year, Mark Cockram created an unusual exhibition space for books at his studio that is only 76x34x18.5 cm in size. Since that moment he has had several exhibitions there. And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss during this Bookish Talk!



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00:00 – Beginning
01:34 – Introducing BASE – Book Arts SpacE
01:59 – Working with a 76x34x18.5 cm exhibition space
03:29 – The journey to the art
04:18 – What inspired Mark to create an exhibition space like that
07:56 – Guerilla exhibitions
09:55 – The first exhibition at BASE – Automatic #1
12:48 – The Second exhibition – Diptych: The book ends here
13:10 – Inviting other artists to exhibit at the BASE
14:39 – A tongue-in-cheek approach
16:59 – Miniature books
18:28 – Interactive exhibitions
20:06 – Kinetic book sculptures
23:53 – How were the books exhibited during the lockdowns? Online exhibitions
28:11 – How has the interaction with the clients and collectors changed during these past months?

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