Enchanting Drawings on My Handmade Paper

My handmade paper recently received an impressive upgrade. Anastasia Golovina, an architect and an artist from Moscow, improved it with these enchanting houses. It is even more impressive as I never considered myself a true papermaker.

I’ve been making customized papermaking molds of different shapes and with varying watermarks for some time already. Obviously, I make paper to test the molds. To be sure that the customer will get a working tool. And the paper started to gather. Some of the samples I liked quite a lot. My favorite sheets were made with some recycled blue jeans.

During one of my visits to Moscow, I gave Anastasia several sheets of different shapes. Square, round, and something else. Hexagonal, I guess. And that’s what she made with two of them:

What I like the most is how the cotton grain enhances the drawings.

This finally made me consider requests from some of my customers to make not only the molds but the paper itself. As my specialty is 3d-printing molds for paper of customized shapes and with customized watermarks, that’s what I decided to focus on. Here are some first samples, all of them with deckled edges:

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