Five Years Ago This Day I Became a Bookbinding Teacher

Thanks to a group of photographers who wanted to know how to make photo books, I made this one-off thing, an introductory bookbinding class. The initial plan was to be done in four hours, and at 23:00, we were done!

Well, almost. Seven minutes to eleven p.m., we were standing in a dark alley retrieving books from the press because we were kicked out of the school by the security guy.

In three years, I had taught hundreds of students: adults, kids, hobbyists, professionals of all sorts. That was a fantastic experience. One of the best things I did in my life!

Besides meeting tons of amazing people, this first experience made me study at the American Academy of Bookbinding in 2015 because I felt I need to know more about the craft. For each member of my first class, I made a sewing frame. And I continued to make them since then. When I started to teach kids, I designed my first corner cutting jigs, to keep their fingers safe. Currently, I sell a much more advanced version of the tool in dozens of sizes. When my wife was relocated to another country, I had a business I could take with me.

Many thanks to Nata Pokrovskaya and other members of the First Class. It changed my life! And it continues to change my life and bring new wonderful people into it!

Foto credit: Nata Pokrovskaya

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