Updated Simple Sewing Frame

Following the changes made to our sewing frame with hooks for cord adjustment, the cheaper version of the tool was revamped as well. Instead of the previously used chipboard, now it has a wooden board for a base. Included in the set are our 3d-printed sewing keys.

Nothing else changed, and the price remains the same (with worldwide shipping included).

In the third photo, it’s a more advanced version of the same sewing frame.

The frames are available in three sizes: from 23×30 cm to 40×50 cm.

You’ll find these tools in our Etsy shop:

And that’s how it all started more than five years ago:

For my first workshop I decided to make a sewing frame for each of the students. Ten of them in just a couple of days! My knowledge in woodworking was limited to what my grandfather taught me when I was a kid (he obviously did a great job.)

Now I see lots of downsides of these first bookbinding tools I made. But that’s what kickstarted the shop that now has almost a hundred different items to offer!


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