Summer Vacation Discounts at iBookBinding Store!

I’m on vacation until the 18th of August, and this means that all orders at our shop will be processed after I come back to the Netherlands. However, I’d like to offer you a 15%-discount valid for all items at our Etsy shop.

Please use the code SUMMER2019 or follow the link to activate the discount:

By the way, starting this summer, we have free worldwide shipping for all the items!

Some of Our Bestsellers

Corner Cutting Jigs

Corner cutting jigs are designed to make easy cutting away the corners of turn-in material of your cover. These tools are sold in multiple sizes starting with 1 mm and up to 6 mm thick. Sizes correspond to the thickness of the cardboard you use for the covers of the book. Read more here.

Papermaking Molds

Papermaking molds with watermarks of your design (or without watermarks). 3d-printing makes it much easier and cheaper to create molds for making paper with custom watermarks or of some non-standard shape. We offer molds for making paper from 10×10 cm in size up to 37×37 cm. Each of them may be customized with your watermark, shaped to some geometric figure, or, for example, changed to make several business cards with a single mold. Please read more here.

Book Scanning Frames

This is pretty self-explanatory. The frame allows for scanning books with your smartphone. Smart, fast, and not as expensive as other solutions. With excellent end-result quality (depending on the phone you use). Find more information here.

You will find many more useful tools and jigs at our Etsy store.

Discount code: SUMMER2019

The code is valid until the 14th of August.

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