Thanks to Our Patrons We Just Reached an Important Milestone on Patreon

Wow! We just passed the $100 mark at our Patreon account! It may not sound like much, but the amount of money pledged to our cause doubled since the beginning of this year. Every contribution counts!

We want to thank all of our supporters and followers. But special gratitude goes to all of our patrons. iBookBinding is a project that was more of a hobby than anything else for quite a long time. And as it is, every dollar that comes either as a pledge or income from our Etsy store helps to develop the project and offer more to our followers.

These $100 we receive from our patrons on Patreon are quite crucial as they secure some of our technical needs, including web hosting and some other expenses.

For future growth, we have planned some milestones. The nearest is when we hit $150 per month, would become banner-free. We will leave Amazon affiliation links, however. Other milestones would secure positions for new contributors, editors, proof-readers, translators, and much more.

As we have 27 patrons at the moment, the average pledge is lower than $4. But you can start with a dollar per month. Every contribution counts and helps us to move forward!

To become a patron, please use the following link:

Please Support us on Patreon!

The minimum level of contribution is only $1 per month. Pledges received from our patrons cover the editing services for our bookish podcast!

Moreover, starting with the pledge level of $3, you will get a digitized vintage book about bookbinding, book history, or book arts each month from us!

These pledges help iBookBinding to continue its work and bring more information about bookbinding and book arts to you!