Two Years with iBookBinding 2.0

It surprises me how fast these two years have passed since my wife and I have bought So many things are done and even more things remain on different stages of planning and implementation. Its a great pleasure to work on that project and to have this connection with a passionate and diverse community of bookbinders from all over the world.

I hope you like the changes that happened to iBookBinding during these past 24 months. iBookBinding is still mainly a one-person-endeavor. However, it would have been impossible without input and help from volunteers and guest authors who stepped forward and offered their assistance in writing educational posts and translating the older posts into different languages.

iBookBinding has changed everything for me and made me to do more and achieve more. It literally turned my life when I started selling bookbinding equipment. I’ve been making some simple presses and sewing frames since I’ve started teaching bookbinding three years ago. However, previously my only clients were my students. My Etsy store has already provided tools for customers living almost on every continent =)

This September I plan to turn all of my attention to writing about bookbinding (not only here), growing web site and its social communities and teaching how to make books – both at my own studio and in collaboration with different art schools and museums here in Moscow. The other important thing, I plan to pay more attention to, is iBookBinding YouTube channel. There should be more videos posted there pretty soon!


I would ask you to share your opinion on how iBookBinding works for you. What could be improved or changed? What should be added to the website? What subjects should be covered with our future posts? Are there some sections which are needed to be added to the web site?

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Bookbinding community is a very generous and sympathetic one. I’m honored to be a part of it. To have a chance to share my own thoughts and provide you with links to interesting publications at other resources. And statistics show that my actions have a good response:

  • Since August’15 our Facebook community has grown from 2650 to 7000 subscribers;
  • Pages of were viewed 670 000 times since the moment I’ve bought the web site. Which brings us to 1 000 000 total views since the moment was created by Paul Thomson four years ago.

These views were provided both by the older posts created by Paul, and newer posts, written since the transfer of the web site.

Among them were traditional for iBookBinding lists of tutorials:

Some videos provided by the third parties:

There were tutorials created by guest authors and written by me:

And another traditional for iBookBinding thing – lists of bookbinding classes and courses in different countries:

I really like the other series that attracts a lot of attention every month:

We have also covered some of the competitions for bookbinders like Designer Bookbinders Competition (2015, 2016) and have posted several enlightening interviews with the winners:

All these themes and also the new ones would continue to be covered here at I have more ideas for series of posts and tutorials to share with you!


Yours truly,
Stepan Chizhov

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