Miniature Artist’s Books and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder – Rebecca Padgham [Bookish Talk #19]

We had a chance to discuss quite a lot during this 30-minute talk with Rebecca Padgham, an artist and bookmaker from the UK. Initially, we invited Rebecca after she posted in a bookish Facebook community a request for some advice concerning trimming books for a person with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder.

But that definitely wasn’t the only topic we covered! From making miniature books from a single sheet of A4 paper to promoting your work through Facebook and Instagram. From creating artist’s books during travels to finding ways to sell your books in the year of pandemic.

It was a great pleasure to talk to Rebecca, and we wish her to fulfill her creative ideas and work on many amazing projects! Check the description of the video to find links to Rebecca’s Instagram and other places where you can find her works.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:46 – Rebecca’s path to book arts
02:06 – First book projects
03:38 – What’s after the university graduation?
04:29 – Selling your works at art markets
06:02 – Importance of networking
07:46 – Rebecca’s creative process during the trips
08:27 – Travelog from Greece
12:19 – How Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder affects bookmaking?
14:22 – Rebecca’s approach to trimming books
16:17 – Setting realistic production goals
18:38 – More books
18:48 – Miniature concertina books
19:19 – Miniature book: Cats and Dogs
20:10 – Inspired by Micro Library books – Books made with a single sheet of A4 paper
21:07 – Miniature book: Pigs
23:00 – Miniature book: Noah’s Ark
26:36 – Missing on art fairs in the year of pandemic and finding other ways to sell your work
29:31 – Promoting your work on social media
32:24 – Where Rebecca wants to take her crafts next?

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