For Our Patrons, It’s Time to Choose New Candidates for Digitization and Download a Book from the Previous Month

First, I’d like to say thank you to all the patrons supporting iBookBinding. Your contribution means a lot to the project. I would also like to say thanks to some of the patrons who decided to increase their pledges this month.

Due to your support, we were able to invite a regular contributor. Erica Finch has already written 3 texts for iBookBinding — all of which I find quite relatable. Hopefully, soon the number of contributors will grow even more.

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This week there will be no new digitized books. However, this November we uploaded three books, and all our patrons with monthly pledges of $3-4 will now have a chance to get a code to redeem one of these books (or any of the books uploaded in October).

Here are the links to the books uploaded in November:

Please PM me a Patreon to get a code.

Patrons with pledges starting at $5 per month have already received the links to this month’s books.

With the next level ($10 per month) patrons receive a chance to influence the choice of books planned to be digitized next month.

There are only several new titles added to the list in November, and one of them will be posted next week because I like this book very much: Paul Revere & His Engraving by William Loring Andrews, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York in 1901.

Here are the other new titles:
· A catalogue of books and manuscripts issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the firm of Bernard Quaritch, 1847-1947, B. Quaritch, 1947, 91 p
· Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis van den Nederlandsche Boekhandel. 8.1, P.N. van Kampen & zoon, Amsterdam, 1898
· Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis van den Nederlandsche Boekhandel. 8.2, P.N. van Kampen & zoon, Amsterdam, 1899
· Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis van den Nederlandsche Boekhandel. 9.1, P.N. van Kampen & zoon, Amsterdam, 1899
· Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis van den Nederlandsche Boekhandel. 9.2, P.N. van Kampen & zoon, Amsterdam, 1902

And here is the list of books available since the previous month:
· Archiv fur Buchgewerbe und Gebrauchsgraphik. Volume 71. Issue 8 Deutscher Buchgewerbeverein 1934
· Bibliographie des principales editions originales d’ecrivains francais du XVe au XVIIIe siecle Librairie Georges Jeanne 1927
· Books printed in the fifteenth century J. Halle, Antiquariat Munchen 1926
· Catalogue d’une collection de manuscrits a miniatures des IX-XV siecles Frederik Muller & Cie 1929
· De boekenwereld R. van der Meulen A.W. Sijthoff, Leiden 1897 581 pp
· De Toegepaste kunsten in Nederland. Het schoone boek W.L. & J. Brusse Rotterdam 1935
· Depositio cornuti typographici The Grolier Club 1911 34 pp
· Die Deutsche Buchmalerei Dr. Franz Jacobi Verlag von F. Bruckmann A.-G. 1923 136 pp
· HebrГ¤ische Inkunabeln 1475-1496. Mit 33 Faksimiles. Katalog 151 Ludwig Rosenthal’s Antiquariat, Munchen 1912 45 pp
· Het boek in onze dagen, beschreven en afgebeeld R. van der Meulen A.W. Sijthoff, Leiden 1892 182 pp
· Het Drukkers Jaarboek voor 1906 Ipenbuur & Van Seldam 1906 201 pp
· Het drukkers jaarboek voor 1907 Ipenbuur & Van Seldam 1907 216 pp
· Histoire du livre en France. Troisieme partie – (Tome II) Werdet, Edmond 1864 396 pp
· Katalog 135. Manuskripte, Inkunabeln, Holzschnitte- und Kupferwerke, und andere Kostbarkeiten. Teil II (M-Z) Ludwig Rosenthal’s Antiquariat, Munchen
· Katalog 169: Inkunabeln. Nachtrag zu Katalog 164 Inkunabeln Ludwig Rosenthal’s Antiquariat, Munchen 1920 34 pp
· L’Oeuvre de Christophe Plantin et de ses successeurs Sabbe, Mauritius Editions de Notre Temps, Bruxelles 1937 209 pp
· Le livre, l’estampe, l’edition en Brabant du XVe au XIXe siecle J. Duculot 1935 252 pp
· Le livre Henri Francois Xavier Marie Bouchot Maison Quantin 1886 320 pp
· Logica in boekdruk J. W. Enschede 1904
· Musee du Livre – Planches hors-texte pour l’annee 1907 Musee du Livre 1907
· Over de liefhebberij voor boeken R. van der Meulen A.W. Sijthoff, Leiden 1896 347 pp
· Over de uitvinding van de boekdrukkunst Douglas C. McMurtrie J. Enschede en Zonen 1940 62 pp
· Printers’ marks W. Roberts George Bell & Sons 1893 298 pp
· Seller Image The Printing Art, Vol. 18, No.42, December 1911 University Press, Cambridge, MA 1911
· The Love Of Books The Philobiblon Of Richard De Bury E. C. Thomas Alexander Moring The De La More Press 1903 141 pp
· Un nouvel ancetre de la gravure sur bois Gazette des beaux-arts 1923
· Vita Christi, Lisbon, 1495 Maggs Bros 1931

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