Variations on the Theme of Bibliophile from the Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant (1494, 1497)

Somehow, this character from the pages of the Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant reminds me of Harry Potter. I guess that’s because of the glasses, books, and this… hm… broom in his hands.

I guess that’s the first version, as the illustration may be found in the 1494 Latin edition of the text (printed in Basel):

I really like how the tip of the bone in the dog’s mouth is touched with red color.

Then comes a French edition of 1497:

And here is an illuminated version! Even more fun!


Another Latin edition from Basel (1497.) This time they used the second version of the illustration:

Some suppose that Albrecht Dürer may have created some of the woodcuts illustrating the manuscript.