Pressing Matters – a New Magazine for Printmakers (and Curious Bystanders)

I’ve just received my copy of the first issue of Pressing Matters. This new magazine, published in Bristol, UK, is a real treat both for the people of print and curious bystanders. OK, I’m not sure I can take upon myself to speak for printmakers. However, I’ve just checked what they are writing on social media and I’ve seen only positive reviews.

Even if you are a bookbinder without any printing experience like me, or someone not even close to both printmaking or bookmaking, this magazine may be of interest to you. It seems that John Coe (founder and creative director) and his comrades decided to introduce us to a most diverse sampling of printmaking and creative processes related to that craft/industry.

Diversity is not only technological one, but also cultural. I was glad to see mentions and examples of different traditions influencing printmaker’s work.

I hope to see the second issue. Maybe this new publication would finally prompt me to try to print something myself.

A word from John Coe:

Woah. Compiling Issue 1 has been an adventure. It all started with an email I sent to a brilliant photographer (Kitty Wheeler Shaw, see one of her images of Ben Goodman article amongst others) who had taken some shots for a personal project about ‘makers’. A few coffees later, we realised we both had the same home town in common and shared a passion for finding out about people choosing to craft their way in this ever-more digital world.

A few months later, I signed up to a year-long course at Spike Print Studios in Bristol and although I am a self-taught designer with a background in publishing magazines, it was back to basics. I was thrown right in – tackling etching, linocut, screenprinting, collagraph, paper-making – you name it, we had a go at it.

Some details on the second issue were posted by John at the Australian Printmakers Facebook group:

Issue 2 is going to be touching on different perspectives on the same landscape, community makers (working on larger prints together), etchings of old ruined radars, etc – a real mixed bag.

You can order a copy from Pressing Matters’ official website (£10 + shipping):

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