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2016.02.01 - Chip Kidd Gives an Advice On Cover Design

Even if you make only simple bindings it is always worth spending some time on cover design. Check these two TED lectures by an American graphic designer Chip Kidd.

2016.01.29 - The Oldest Russian Book

Summer of the year 2000 was a celebratory time for Russian archaeologists. On the 13 of July a new finding was made at the never-ceasing dig location in one of the oldest Russian cities of Novgorod. Three waxed wooden plates (19×15×1 cm) with remnants of text later appeared to be parts of the oldest known Russian book.

Wax tables or cerae are not supposed to be a long term medium for text. It is even more astonishing for the oldest known Russian book to be a set of three wooden tablets with four wax ‘pages’ containing psalms 75, 76 and a small fragment of psalm 67. ‘Pages’ were bound with wooden pegs placed in the specially made holes at the sides of tablets.

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2016.01.15 - Soviet Censorship Bookbinding Tutorial

Soviet era is known for its many bizarre instances of censorship. Vanishing of the commissars may be the most famous, and you can find more in the Wikipedia. However, that’s all about photographs, and I’d like to share with you a bookbinding-related story.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (GSE) had three editions from 1926 to 1978 and the last updates to the GSE in the form of Yearbook of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia were published in 1990, just a year before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They started to publish the second edition of the GSE in 1949, four years after the World War II — many additions and corrections had to be made. Not only the country, but the whole world has changed along with many intergovernmental relations. The last volume was published in 1958, five years after the death of Josef Stalin and some of his comrades.

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2015.08.24 - Bookbinding Workshops and Classes in the USA (2015)

In the beginning of January, iBookBinidng.com started updating a constellation of its most popular posts — lists of bookbinding workshops and classes in different countries. The first one that is almost updated already is  Bookbinding Workshops / Classes in the UK (2016).

North America

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