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Guest Posting for iBookBinding

I’ve decided to open the gates of iBookBinding to the book arts community and for a limited time, on a trial basis I will be accept guest posts from our readership. If you are a bookbinder, work in the book arts field or simply have a passion or interest for bookbinding and fancy writing a piece for iBookBinding, then this could be a great opportunity for you…

Whether you want to help increase the exposure of your work, promote your event or product(s) or simply want to show the community what you’re made of then writing a small piece for iBookBinding might be right up your street. So long as your contribution is clean, tasteful and provides something informative, inspirational or interesting to our visitors then you could be just who we’re looking for.

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Following on from our latest post Guest Posting Opportunity: Share Your Projects, Knowledge or Services we decided also to do a fortnightly ‘featured bookbinder’ series and this week we’d like to introduce you to lovely Kris Steward, founder of who’s going to talk today about her bookbinding passion and give some helpful advice about selling on… if you would like to be considered as a future featured bookbinder then please drop us an email!

Thank you Kris for taking the time to introduce the readers of iBookBinding to your life!

My name is Kris Stewart and I’m a bookbinder working near the city of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA. I caught the bookbinding bug 16 years ago when my son was a baby. As a way to get out of the house, I signed up for a binding class at a local art shop. Three hours later I was completely hooked. Soon I was selling handmade baby books at local craft fairs, but ultimately found that too difficult with a youngster in the house. I studied up and played around with book arts as a hobbyist until my son started middle school. A friend and fellow maker introduced me to Etsy and voilà! Here I am doing what I love!

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Hübner Bokform (A Mini Doc by Gustav Bondeson)

He works in a profession that is more than 1700 years old. A profession that many of us thought to be extinct. This is the story of Per-Anders Hübner and his profession as a hand bookbinder.

Watch the Documentary Here

Bookbinding Tutorial Diagram - 15

Today we will be learning how to make a nice book using Coptic Stitching.This book could be used for anything such as drawings, stories, poems, scrapbook, etc.

The Materials

  1. Ruler
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Razor Blade (X-Acto Knife, etc.)
  5. Awl
  6. Embroidery Needle*
  7. Self-Healing Mat
  8. Paper (I used 8 sets of 5 sheets)
  9. Decorative Paper
  10. Board for Covers (shoe boxes work amazingly)

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