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Stepan Chizhov Studying Bookbinding at AAB

Two years ago I decided to start a website dedicated to bookbinding, it was an enjoyable journey but as the days went by I found myself having less and less time to add new posts and maintain the site, this was especially true the past few months where I’ve found myself becoming more absorbed in other projects and so I decided it might be time to start looking for a new owner…

…And so a week or two ago I put the website up for sale with the intention that I was going to find a buyer who not only has a passion for bookbinding but also competent enough to run the website and maintain its high standard, and after a LOT of interest I am proud to announce that I have found someone who I consider to be perfect to continue to success of iBookBinding into the future — I introduce to you the new owner, Stepan Chizhov, a bookbinder and bookbinding tutor from Russia.

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Love Longstitch Book

Following on from our most popular posts Top 10 Secret Belgian Binding Tutorials and our infamous Top 15 Japanese Stab Binding Tutorials on the Internet I decided to put together a collection of the best long-stitch bookbinding tutorials on the internet.

Below you will find a hand-picked, reviewed and summarized list of the best tutorials on the longstitch technique. We’ve included blog posts, PDF’s, video playlists and photo galleries – we hope you’ll find it a good resource

Please also don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this page before moving on.

So a little background as to what the long-stitch bookbinding method is…

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Artist Raul Lemesoff has taken to the road in his latest creations “Arma de Instruccion Masiva” (Weapon of mass instruction) to help spread information and knowledge in the battle of ignorance.

Raul’s amazing tank like vehicle is in fact a converted 1979 Ford Falcon, complete with it’s own swivelling turret, space to accommodate 900 books and even a non-functional gun.

“the importance of this weapon of mass instruction must be considered on a global scale. We live in a world in which men don’t think anymore. They don’t use their imagination anymore because it’s much easier to switch on the television and forget what’s happening in the real world.” – France 24

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The Art of Bookbinding Mini Documentary - iBookBinding

Liked this documentary? See more Bookbinding Documentaries in our Documentaries Category.

Americans at work. In an art that is the preservation of all arts. The making of books. These men are masters of their tools from the most primitive instruments to the latest equipment on the machine age. With other craftsman, these are the people that make the pen mightier than the sword.

History itself began only when men carved their exploits and visions in stone and clay and traced them in crude ink over parchment and papyrus; striving to live in eternal memory through the written word – as history began with writing it is continued with printed records. Books were the great treasures of the earliest civilizations. Today they are a great means of communication between people and nations.

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